22nd Annual Meeting of the GMS Working Group on Environment

Da Nang, Viet Nam 26 to 27 July 2016

This 22nd Annual Meeting of the GMS Working Group on Environment (WGE AM-22) was hosted by Viet Nam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in cooperation with the GMS Environment Operations Center (EOC).

The focus of the meeting was to (i) report on Core Environment Program (CEP) achievements and key results in 2015; (ii) update on implementation of recommendations from the CEP Midterm Review; (iii) present the updated Work Plan and program priorities for 2016-2017; and (iv) update on CEP engagement with the GMS Economic Cooperation Program.

Technical working sessions were also held to present, discuss, and seek WGE guidance and agreement on the CEP Roadmap and Program Development Strategy for submission as a possible deliverable to the 21st GMS Ministerial Conference in early December.

The meeting materials can be downloaded below.

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