2nd Provincial Consultation on the NESAP

Siem Reap 15th May 2016

Provincial authorities will have a key role in implementing policies and programs that stem from Cambodia's National Environmental Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP). This 2nd consultation workshop bought together government officials from the country's northeastern and northwestern provinces to inform them of the NESAP concept, process, and proposed policies and programs and seek their collaboration in its implementation.

Specific objectives included:

  • Present and build a shared understanding of the NESAP concept, vision, mission and overall principles;
  • Present NESAP progress to date and receive comments and feedback on the proposed priorities, policy, and financing options, including NESAP implementation activities;
  • Identify roles for provincial stakeholders in supporting environmental sustainability and reflect these into the NESAP; and
  • Seek agreement with provincial stakeholders on their role in engaging in NESAP formulation and implementation.

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