Strategic Environmental Assessment Training

Hanoi, Viet Nam 25 to 26 November 2015

More than 40 national planners and policy makers were trained on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in the context of socioeconomic development planning, during a two day workshop in late November.

The two-day program had three objectives:

  • Demonstrate the importance of applying SEA to improve the mainstreaming of environmental concerns into socioeconomic planning.
  • Outline the legal requirements for SEA in Viet Nam, with a focus on socioeconomic planning.
  • Present case studies, lessons learned in applying SEA for socio-economic planning.
  • Introduce SEA tools for scenario development and spatial planning.

Funded by CEP, the training was  organized in collaboration with the Viet Nam Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources (ISPONRE). 

Find out more about CEP support to SEA for socioeconomic development planning in Viet Nam here.


File Name Size Modified
SEA Training Agenda​-English.pdf 63 KB 24-11-2015
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Session IV.pdf 335 KB 30-11-2015
Session V​_PDP.pdf 808 KB 30-11-2015
Session V​_SEDP.pdf 158 KB 30-11-2015
Session VI​_Scenario Development.pdf 791 KB 30-11-2015
Session VI​_Spatial Planning.pdf 2 MB 30-11-2015

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