The Fifth Roundtable Discussion on Climate Change Adaptation in the GMS

Bangkok, Thailand 10th December 2014

Looking forward to the Fourth GMS Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM4) and identifying roundtable collaboration priorities in 2015

At the fourth roundtable , partners identified the natural capital themed EMM4, scheduled for January 2015, as a key opportunity to influence environment leaders and policy makers. 

At this fifth roundtable, representatives from the GMS Core Environment Program (CEP) provided roundtable partners with updates on key aspects of EMM4 preparation, including preparation of lead-in thematic fora and the National Capital Dialogue, and development of EMM4 background knowledge products. The partners provided valuable inputs to further shape the design of these different EMM4 events, and will be providing critical peer review to improve the knowledge products.

The roundtable partners also brainstormed the idea of a GMS Natural Capital Partnership, a proposal which will be discussed by GMS countries and public-private sector partners during the EMM4.

Looking beyond EMM4, the partners also discussed a plan for closer collaboration under the Roundtable framework during 2015 and the expected tangible outputs. Two key priorities were identified: 1) a knowledge product on benefit-cost analysis (BCA) for climate change adaptation, which includes a guideline on how to conduct BCA for small-scale projects; and 2) a knowledge product outlining framework thinking on monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation programs and projects.  Both outputs will be co-branded products of the Roundtable partners in 2015.

Another area of common interest is on climate vulnerability assessment. As all roundtable partners are involved in work which aims to advance knowledge on this subject, it is proposed that a roundtable is convened next year to discuss recent knowledge and new lessons learned on climate vulnerability assessment methodologies and applications in the GMS.

The fifth roundtable was co-organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Bangkok Regional Center, which serves as the Regional Hub for the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), and the GMS Environment Operations Center. 

Partner representatives attended from the Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Project (USAID), the Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia, Southeast Asia START, UNEP, IUCN, US Forest Service and the Mekong Region Futures Institute

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