ADB blog: Infrastructure and Safeguards

As multilateral development banks gear up to fill the serious gaps in infrastructure in Asia and elsewhere, attention also focuses on safeguards used to deflect potential spillover damages to communities, habitats and livelihoods from these investments. The value of such defenses is at an all-time high because of the heightened fragility of the environment and society today – as the United Nations’ new Sustainable Development Goals stress.

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Publish Date: 7th October 2015

Last Updated: 7th October 2015

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Myanmar Environmental Safeguards Knowledge Sharing Workshop

29 to 30 November 2012


If current reforms in Myanmar continue, ADB estimates the country’s economy could expand by 7-8% per year. While this will greatly assist poverty reduction efforts, a major challenge for the country will be balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability – particularly as growth will be largely supported by the country’s rich endowment of natural resources.

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Safeguard Implementation: How Can We Make It More Meaningful?

30th July 2015

This publication presents the (i) safeguard systems of Bhutan, India and Nepal; (ii) differences in nationalsafeguard laws and institutional processes with the Asian Development Bank’s safeguards policy; (iii) issueswith safeguard design, implementation, and monitoring at the project level; (iv) effectiveness of safeguardtraining; and (v) capacity needs of project staff, government agencies, consultants, nongovernmentorganizations, contractors, and local communities involved with infrastructure projects. In the end,suggestions to make the safeguard process more meaningful have been provided.

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