ADB blog: Infrastructure and Safeguards

As multilateral development banks gear up to fill the serious gaps in infrastructure in Asia and elsewhere, attention also focuses on safeguards used to deflect potential spillover damages to communities, habitats and livelihoods from these investments. The value of such defenses is at an all-time high because of the heightened fragility of the environment and society today – as the United Nations’ new Sustainable Development Goals stress.

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Publish Date: 7th October 2015

Last Updated: 7th October 2015

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ADB blog: Strengthening country safeguard systems--Common approaches for better results

8th October 2013

The strengthening of country safeguard systems is a central objective of ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement. There are several reasons for this strong emphasis. First, and most importantly, enhancing country safeguards systems should be a development objective in its own right. A broader focus on safeguards at country and sector level can extend our development impact far beyond a ring-fenced project approach. This clearly makes sense given that the vast majority of infrastructure and other development to be financed in the future will not be subject to MDB safeguards.

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