Championing green change – an evening with the private sector

Private sector delegates at this week’s GMS Green Growth Public-Private Dialogue in Bangkok attended a dinner event on Tuesday 18 June to learn about the GMS Core Environment Program and to discuss collaborative opportunities.

Twenty delegates from General Electric, Nokia, Stora Enso, the Thai Carbon Fund and Thailand International Chamber of Commerce, as well as PRC’s Pakxong Organics and Yunnan New Energy met with EOC, ADB, GMS Working Group on Environment and Swedish Embassy representatives. Potential areas for collaboration identified were decentralized energy, ecotourism, low carbon or ‘green’ freight initiatives, and community livelihoods development. Public-private partnerships are an identified priority under the Core Environment Program’s new 2012-2016 phase.

Publish Date: 19th June 2013

Last Updated: 17th September 2013

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