Animation video on the Core Environment Program in Burmese

This animation describes the work of CEP in securing natural capital in the GMS.

Publish Date: 2nd July 2014

Last Updated: 2nd July 2014

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ADB Establishes Office in Myanmar

1st August 2012

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has taken another step toward re-engagement with Myanmar by opening an office and dispatching staff in the country.

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Biodiversity Landscapes Forum

27th January 2015

Theme: Designing mechanisms and building partnerships for the strategic planning and management of transboundary and other biodiversity landscapes


Biodiversity landscapes constitute a large proportion of the natural capital remaining in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). They are a rich repository of globally important biodiversity, including many endemic and endangered species, and provide vital ecosystem services. This wealth of natural capital underpins the subregion’s security in terms of energy, food, and water. Seven of these landscapes cut across international borders. These transboundary biodiversity landscapes (TBLs), which are the focus of the GMS Core Environment Program, lie in juxtaposition to the GMS economic corridors, providing both challenges and opportunities for their effective management and conservation.

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