Building Capacity for Land Use Change Modeling (2014–2017)

Land use is constantly changing in the GMS. At the same time, land use planning processes are often poorly informed, risking decisions whose social and environmental implications might outweigh the intended benefits.

Land use change modeling helps spatial planners to forecast the outcomes of different land demand scenarios, evaluate their potential benefits and impacts, and chose the most sustainable option.

Under this activity, CEP is building GMS country capacity to undertake land use change simulation and modeling.The work includes:

  • Enhancing existing land use change simulation software to meet the needs of GMS planners; and
  • Engaging a network of national academic institutions to provide modeling support to relevant government agencies.

The Institute of Environmental Studies of the Free University Amsterdam is the lead implementer for this activity, which begun in October 2014. The project team completed programming of an updated version of the CLUMondo land use model software in December 2015. During August to October 2015, extensive awareness raising and technical training events were conducted in all GMS countries on CLUMondo and guidelines have since been produced in national languages. Also in 2015, CEP and the Government of Viet Nam used CLUMondo to strengthen a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the country's revised National Land Use Plan (2010-2020). Also, the model was widely promoted at the Global Land Project Open Science Meeting in October 2016 in Beijing

Currently the team is working with government partners and universities in Cambodia and Lao PDR to pilot CLUMondo to demonstrate its value to national planning processes. Other than continuing work on the case studies, the project closed with a final workshop 9-10 March 2017.


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Publish Date: 9th May 2014

Last Updated: 9th March 2017

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