Myanmar Safeguards (2012 onwards)

Since late 2012, CEP has supported Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) to establish a national environmental safeguards system. 

CEP provided technical and legal expertise to help the Ministry finalize Environmental Conservation (framework) Rules for the Environmental Conservation Law and Foreign Investment Law – laws that provide the mandate for applying EIA in Myanmar. 

CEP also led international support to Myanmar to develop an EIA Procedure that specifies the type and scope of environmental assessments required for all investments that could cause environmental and social harm. The EIA Procedure as well as CEP-supported Environmental Quality Emissions Guidelines were officially issued in December 2015. 

Througout 2016, CEP is helping MOECAF prepare EIA Technical Guidelines which will provide EIA practitioners and third parties with a common framework for EIA reporting. 

To ensure that Myanmar’s new EIA regulations can be implemented, CEP supported the Asian Development Bank to prepare a complementary technical assistance project targeting capacity building of government officials involved in the EIA process.

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Since 2012, with support from the Asian Development Bank and other international partners, Myanmar has been building an environmental impact assessment (EIA) system to safeguard the country from the adverse environmental effects of economic development. 

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An Asian Judges Network on Environment has been formally launched in Manila, marking a new stage of cooperation amongst justices cast with enforcing environmental laws and helping to preserve the region’s precious natural capital.

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