PR China- Yunnan Province National Environmental Performance Assessment Report

A report on the first environmental performance assessment (EPA) conducted in Yunnan Province, PR China. The assessment covers seven environmental concerns: land degradation, threats to biodiversity, inland water pollution, inadequate waste management, forest degradation, the impact of natural disasters and climate change.


File Name Size Modified
Yunnan EPA report​_part1.pdf 7 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part2.pdf 7 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part3.pdf 8 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part4.pdf 6 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part5.pdf 3 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​-part6.pdf 6 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​-part7.pdf 7 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​-part8.pdf 7 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​-part9.pdf 5 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part10.pdf 3 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part11.pdf 4 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part12.pdf 4 MB 27-04-2012
Yunnan EPA report​_part13.pdf 8 MB 27-04-2012

Publish Date: 1st December 2008

Last Updated: 20th June 2016

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