SEA Workshop for Revised National Power Development Plan

Hanoi, Viet Nam 26th May 2014

With support from the Core Environment Program, the Government of Viet Nam hosted a consultation workshop to introduce and gather feedback on a proposed strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the country’s revised national power development plan (PDP VII).

Viet Nam’s energy investments for 2011–2020 are guided by the country’s seventh national power development plan (PDP VII), which came into effect in mid-2011.

Recognizing that the PDP VII energy mix is too reliant on thermal power and that climate change considerations have not been effectively integrated, the government is revising the plan and is looking to extend it out to 2030.

This workshop brought together around 70 stakeholders– including national, provincial, and district officials, power companies, and civil society representatives – to introduce the PDP VII revisions and discuss the proposed SEA approach and methodology.

Among the key messages arising from the workshop were:


  • The development and evaluation of alternative scenarios for power development should be the main approach of the SEA, and include considerations of increasing energy efficiency, energy savings, and renewable energy.
  • The need to reflect government policies in the revised plan, especially for energy efficiency, ecosystem and biodiversity protection, and renewable energy promotion.
  • Enhanced stakeholder participation and consultation for the SEA should be sought.


CEP will support Viet Nam’s Institute of Energy to conduct the SEA of the revised plan, specifically in applying impact valuation methodologies to not only identify potential impacts, but put a monetary value on them too. This work follows on from substantial CEP support for an SEA of the original PDP VII.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Institute of Energy

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