Green Freight Company Profile: Jira Charoen Ltd., Thailand

Jira Charoen, a family-owned road transport company, joined the Green Freight Initiative to help achieve its social and environment goals.

Jira Charoen was one of 60 small-medium road freight companies in Lao PDR, Thailand, and Viet Nam that participated in CEP's Green Freight Initiative to test ways to make their businesses more fuel efficient. 

“We were confident that when we joined this project it would benefit not only our company but also the community,” says the company’s owner, Jetsanee Charoen Silp. “By improving the efficiency and quality of transportation services, we will take better care of society as well as decrease costs.”

Jira Charoen is headquartered in Ratchaburi, a few hours to the west of Bangkok with a second depot in Saraburi, a similar distance northeast of the capital. A sizeable and successful company, Jira Charoen employs 200 staff and operates a fleet of over 150 vehicles, which ply routes throughout Thailand, carrying consumer goods and construction materials.

The company was one of the most active in the Green Freight Initiative. Its trucks were used to test fuel efficient technologies and conduct software trials to improve freight logistics and vehicle maintenance systems. All its drivers were trained on eco-driving. As was the case for the other companies that participated in the Green Freight Initiative, Jira’s test results were highly encouraging.

“The technologies and eco-driver training helped our company reduce transportation costs and be more competitive. We use less energy now and have better fuel consumption,” says Charoen Silp. As reflected by its motto “happy people work,” Jira Charoen is committed to being a safe, enjoyable, and productive place of employment, something the Green Freight Initiative has contributed to. 

Owner Charoen Silp intends to continue pursuing green freight approaches for her company and hopes this effort will be supported by others in the transport sector: “We would like to see the further development of green freight for not only our company and but others too, so together we progress and become more environmentally sustainable."

"We were confident that when we joined this project it would benefit not only our company but also the community.” 
-- Jetsanee Charoen Silp, owner, Jira Charoen Ltd., Thailand

Publish Date: 25th February 2018

Last Updated: 25th February 2018

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