Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project (2011 onwards)

One of the major successes of CEP Phase I was the scaling up of its biodiversity conservation corridor pilot work.  In 2011, ADB approved grants and loans worth $69 million for Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Viet Nam under a new project to further engage local communities in the sustainable management of important biodiversity landscapes.  

Administered by the ADB, the Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Project (BCC) will focus on biodiversity rich forest landscapes of the Cardamom Mountains and Eastern Plains Dry Forest in Cambodia, Tri-border Forest areas located in southern Lao PDR, and the Central Annamites in Viet Nam. 

Involving 19 districts in eight provinces and nearly 2 million hectares of forest and non-forest land, BCC will build on the CEP 2006-2009 pilot work undertaken at the Xe-Pian - Dong Hua Sao,  CardamomEastern Plains, and  Ngoc Linh - Xe Sap BCI sites. 

As under CEP, the BCC project will continue reducing ecosystem fragmentation through an integrated conservation and development approach. Capacity building and other support will aim to improve forest and land management as well as strengthen local livelihoods.

More than 34,000 households (over 150,000 people) are expected to benefit.

The GMS Environment Operations Center will provide ongoing technical support to the project.

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