Capacity support for pollution modeling (2013-2016)

The industrial sectors of Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar are rapidly growing and are helping drive economic development. For example, in Lao PDR, industry has doubled its proportion of national Gross Domestic Product during the past decade (12% to 25%). While the expansion of pulp industries including paper mills, cement factories, food processing and garment manufacturing, are providing new jobs and economic benefits, there are increasing concerns over industrial pollution, particularly on water and land quality.

Technologies used in industry in these countries are often old and poorly maintained and compliance with pollution standards is not well enforced. To mitigate growing industrial pollution, the governments recognize the need for effective and well-enforced regulations supported by quality baseline and monitoring information, including identifying the most problematic industry sources. However, monitoring air, water and toxic emissions is resource intensive and has only occurred sporadically, resulting in a lack of information that is a considerable constraint to effective interventions. In response, CEP is working with the environment ministries in each country to strengthen their capacity to monitor industrial pollution.  

During 2013 and 2014, CEP supported Lao PDR’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Pollution Control Department to apply the the Industrial Pollution Projection System (IPPS), a model that estimates pollution intensities for different industries and can be applied to large geographic areas at relatively low effort and expense. IPPS was used to estimate pollution intensities for different industries in all 17 provinces and the results are helping the Government to identify the industries and locations to focus pollution control efforts on. Training and awareness raising events were held and a summary report was produced. The results are also being used as a key input into the development of a Pollution Control Strategy for the country, which is also being supported by CEP.

During 2015-2016, CEP worked with Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment to apply IPPS and CEP also investigated the potential to apply IPPS in Myanmar by assessingcurrent data availability and quality as well as data needs. Reports from both countries are available for download below.


File Name Size Modified
Estimating Industrial Pollution in Lao PDR​_1.PDF 3 MB 07-12-2015
Estimating Industrial Pollution in the Kingdom of Cambodia Report.pdf 2 MB 17-01-2017
Applying IPPS in Myanmar ​- Data Review and Needs Assessment.pdf 791 KB 02-05-2017

Publish Date: 8th June 2014

Last Updated: 16th July 2018

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