Phnom Penh Plan Environment Trainings for Senior Officials

The Phnom Penh Plan (PPP) is a regional program for capacity development under the Human Resource Department Strategy of the GMS Economic Cooperation Program. It is designed to help develop a core group of motivated development leaders and managers to manage the complex and challenging GMS development agenda.

The PPP program aims to provide learning programs tailored to the needs of GMS civil servants:

  • Integrate the national and regional dimensions of development planning and management;
  • Identify skills and subjects of the highest relevance to development management; and
  • Adopt a variety of unique and innovative approaches, inputs and incentives to support capacity building.

Since 2008, CEP has supported the PPP initiative by delivering training programs on environmental management topics.

In February of that year, the first training program delivered was on ‘Environmental Management and Climate Change in the GMS.’ This was followed in late 2009 and 2010 by two courses on ‘Integrated Sustainable Development Planning and Strategies for the GMS.’

In 2012, the training moved to a more in-depth environmental focus to build on the general environmental trainings provided earlier. The first of these ‘deepening’ trainings was held in February on strategic environmental assessments and safeguards. The 1-week course comprised 26 mid-level technical staff from energy and transport sectors, and finance and planning ministries. Their feedback on course content guided follow up training on national safeguards.

In March 2013, ‘Environmental Safeguards Good Practice for Transport and Energy Sector Planning and Projects in the GMS’ training was conducted with participation from EIA practitioners, sector planners and decision makers. 

In April 2014, 'Transport, Energy Use and Climate Change in the GMS' training has been delivered. It targets energy and transport sector officials in the GMS, focusing on mid-level government officials.

Publish Date: 27th May 2012

Last Updated: 21st April 2014

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